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 Kalnes, 2017

Collaboration / Strom Arkitektur & Arkama

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A_Drawings 16022.jpg
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Typology / Grunnskole

Location/ Kalnes,  2017

Collaboration / Strom Arkitektur & Arkama

Visuals / Playtime

The OFK Skole is a pilot school project for teenagers with special needs developed for the Ostfold region in Norway. 

The design has been based on the principles of transparency, ease of orientation and privacy, offering a space where students can feel safe and secure. 

The building is split into three volumes, each of them containing a main element of the school’s program - administration, classrooms and individual learning spaces & workshops and common areas. Each one of the volumes expands to a covered outside space, enhancing the feeling of connection and openness towards surrounding nature.  Each function is connected to one other by a straight corridor which gives clear visibility to all the building’s spaces. 

The design follows the spatial organisation by breaking down the building into 3 pitched roofed volumes, referring to the Norwegian architectural vernacular. At the same time, the scale of the building gives a familiar environment for the pupils. 

In order to integrate the project into its countryside context, the facades are clad with naturally weathered wood, and the roof is entirely vegetated, enhancing the local biodiversity. 

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